Epic Pro - Soft-Tissue Management Redefined

New Premium Diode Laser from BIOLASE

Epic Pro® is the first premium diode laser from BIOLASE, providing new innovations that will allow dental professionals to manage soft-tissue in a way that no other diode laser has achieved. It features industry first, Super Thermal Pulse technology, real-time Automatic Power Control, and pre-initiated pro tips with Smart Tip Technology, to provide unmatched cutting speed, consistency, safety, and precision.

The newest addition to the Epic family of dental soft-tissue lasers, Epic Pro offers the following benefits to dental practices and their patients:


  • Less fear and anxiety
  • Quicker and more efficient visits
  • Faster healing and recovery
  • Little to no post-operative pain and discomfort


  • Better patient reported outcomes
  • Predictable results
  • Increased clinical precision and control
  • Faster, cleaner and gentler than traditional diode lasers

Unmatched Cutting Speed and Control

Automatic Power Control – BIOLASE Exclusive
This unique treatment mode allows for laser energy to be adjusted automatically in real time to maintain constant tip temperature; resulting in extremely consistent and reliable cutting conditions regardless of speed of movement, tissue type, etc.

Greater Precision & Safety

Super Thermal Pulse – BIOLASE Exclusive
This unique treatment mode allows for laser energy to be emitted in multiple bursts of high energy in short micro pulses; resulting in high cutting efficiency and safety.

Unparalleled Consistency and Predictability

Pro Pre-Initiated Tips with Smart Tip Technology – BIOLASE Exclusive
The Epic Pro tip is the first tip where initiation material is fused inside of the quartz fiber material, creating a veneer-like surface on the fiber tip. This provides robust and long-lasting performance. The new Epic Pro tips also feature Smart Tip Technology, where the device has a built-in tip integrity indicator, to ensure that cutting is fast, consistent, and precise every time..

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Not currently available in Canada.