Epic X just got more Colorful!


Exciting New Colors for Epic X

Personalize your Epic X with one of our new color and design options. Durable, water-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant to match the personality of your office.


Epic X features innovations such as pre-initiated tips, laser-assisted whitening, and temporary relief of minor pain, all from a single diode laser solution.


Surgery, Whitening and Pain Relief — All at Your Fingertips:

  • Portable for easy transport (no more cords)
  • Intuitive procedure based Interface
  • Fastest in-office whitening treatment
  • ComfortPulse™ technology to limit heat production
  • TMJ and pain relief – Exclusive to Epic X!
  • Pre-initiated tips for maximum performance with minimum chair time – Exclusive to Epic X!
  • Peace of mind, knowing you’re covered with a loaner Epic X unit within 24 hours should yours need service – Exclusive to Epic X!

Get to Treatment, Faster

Choose from standard diode laser tips or our exclusive pre-initiated tips to begin laser therapy faster than ever.

Create Bright Smiles, Faster

Epic X offers the fastest in-office whitening procedure available today. Faster than ever, with dramatic shade change in 20 minutes of chair time.

Provide Pain Relief, Faster

Epic X is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ or other thermomandibular disorders.

Have you experienced any of the following with your current diode laser or electrosurge?

Standard Diode Laser:   Electrosurge:
  • Cuts too slow
  • Snagging and dragging
  • Lack of portability
  • Unable to perform pain therapy
  • Lack of support and service
  • Cumbersome interface
  • Limited or no procedure- based presets
  • Unable to work around metal
  • Having to ground your patient
  • Lack of tissue predictability
  • Fear associated with the use of the device
  • Excessive tissue charring

Epic X- the most versatile and complete diode laser for the whole dental team.

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EPIC X not available in some countries.

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